ooVoo wowed me over

April 27th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The beauty of the Internet is that new means of communication are always popping up. Back then it was just email. Then came web chats. Chatting on the internet later on evolved from simple text messages to video messaging. File sharing, social networks and online communities became a norm as well. We have become a global community through our interconnections on the internet.

Take for example this new startup called ooVoo.com . It is basically a video conferencing web tool allowing users to chat, send text and video messages, can make video calls, and engage in video teleconferencing. Most notable feature of the tool is that users can engage in video conferencing with up to five other ooVoo users and the simultaneous sending of video and text messages.

When I first saw ooVoo and the things that it can do, the first thing that came into my mind was that it was similar to Skype. However, I do find ooVoo generally easier to use than Skype. With large buttons, simplified controls, some unique feature like the five people video conferencing thing is a lot of improvement over Skype and other video conferencing tool that is not in beta for that matter. The quality of sound and video is highly noticeable as well. This makes it a very useful tool not only for friendly video chats but as a business tool as well.

Personally, this new and free video conferencing tool is a better way of talking to and interconnecting with friends and family.