Evincii, bringing search to the store.

April 30th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Search Engines have proven their worth on the internet but it's sad that given all their power and usefulness, search engines are limited for searching and crawling the web.  Although there are attempts to make search engines more useful in other verticals, these still remain bound to web-based results.

Shopping for something in a sea of options can sometimes be frustrating and people spend too much time looking and deciding which product to buy.  For both the merchant and the consumer, this hassle takes its toll.

Evincii brings the search engine to the store with the aptly named system called Search Engine in the StoreTM to assist both consumer and merchant.  According to their website, this system is a machine (a computer) hooked up to the internet in the store with a specialized Evincii portal with a very user friendly touch screen user interface.  The search engine of Evincii however is designed to search the store, how they do that is not mentioned.  Here's what we know, Evincii has a Search by Intent algorithm consisting of artificial intelligence, and probability methodologies to a Knowledge WebTM.  All these technologies are designed to help consumers find exactly what they're looking for in a couple of seconds.

Evincii's applications are very useful especially in pharmacies where consumers would have to know exactly what they need for different symptoms.  The Search by IntentTM function was designed so that users will only have to answer a few questions on the portal and the precise medicine or product will be prescribed.  Evincii however was not designed to replace sales staff in stores instead as a assistant to the sales team so they can help consumers more efficiently.

Backed by Norwest Venture Partners and WK Technology Fund, Evincii is already deploying their Search Engine in the StoreTM technology across the US.  This is of course in cooperation with different merchants who wish to give their customers precise intelligence on the fly.