Nuuzio, hassle-free aggregator.

April 30th, 2007 at 12:00 am

News can be taken from many sources which is why RSS aggregators were born.  Thoug for many people it's easier not to subscribe to any news feed and depend on a portal or a single news site.  I personally am not too fond of setting up RSS feeds so I get my news from the newspapers' or TV stations' or IM clients' portals.

That all changed when I tried out Nuuzio.  It's an RSS aggregator powered by Grazr that instantly displays RSS feeds from different news sources.  There's no need to set it up, just go to the site and click away.  Though the best part of it is not clicking at all.  Nuuzio news feeds are all accessible via the arrow keys.

Nuuzio's design is simple and sleek.  RSS feeds are listed down with their corresponding sources then by using the arrow keys, you can view any article.  Up and down keys are for selections and left and right are for back and more respectively.

News sources are the most popular and reliable, BBC, Reuters, CNET, YouTube and Rotten Tomatoes are a few.  However, unlike news article in a web portal, these RSS news feeds are short and exclusively text.  More like bulletin postings or Live SMS updates.  Sadly too, there are no links leading to a more detailed article.

All in all, Nuuzio gets plus points in design and UI innovation.  Setbacks are in content and external links.  Still, there isn't any other site like it so I guess it'll have to do for now for those who don't want to set up their RSS feeds.