PikSpot.com, interesting way of collaborating content

April 30th, 2007 at 12:00 am

PikSpot.com has something good going on its site. The website generally offers collaborative opportunities across a variety of websites and users. It is a platform where users can build communities with quality contents and share them with each other online. With PikSpot.com, users can join an existing group or create their own where they can post or upload their own video, audio, text, and pictures. You only need a single account in PikSpot to access the contents of a group.

So far the most popular groups are UndoTV, AstronomyBuzz, YouLaf, Wikinomics and WhatsNew. The objective of the site is to create a social network environment where anyone can share original contents with people who have the same interests. As a social networking site, it is only natural that you'll find features or options to embed the contents to other webpages, blogs, or social networks. The site also has this unique Live Embed feature wherein you can enter the content that you have embedded, sort it, login to rate, tag, comment and so on without leaving your website. You can do everything within the embedded player. Also, users can pretty much rate the best ideas and contents.

PikSpot's desktop-like interface is simple, very appealing and very easy to use. The bright and colorful pages make very interaction less boring. It's a great thing that tag clouds are provided in each group making it a lot easier to explore the contents. Group activity, however, still seem to be very limited to only two or three groups. Also, since there are no restrictions or filtering being done for uploading contents, the possibility of finding copyrighted contents on groups is not that far fetched.