Pixilive, hosting images and videos totally free.

April 30th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Hosting sites are one of my favorite kinds of Web2.0 services.  They're simple, easy and convenient.  Those characteristics again go to this site that provides hosting not only for images but for videos as well.

Pixilive is the latest image host I've found.  It's very useful to bloggers and anybody who needs to store pictures online for easy access for whatever purpose be it embedding or sharing or simply storage.  There is no need to register an account to start using the service.  Simply log into their website and begin uploading.  To access the images, you can opt to send it to your own email or to any other email address where you'd like to share it.  There is however a limit to the size of images you can upload at a time, 5MB, but there is no limit as to how many you can upload.

For videos it works the same way but instead of 5MB limit, it's 10MB.  That's good enough.  The better thing about video hosting on Pixilive is there is no censorship for adult content.  Unfortunately there's no way to view these videos if the link isn't sent to you.

Another feature of Pixilive is its slideshow maker that makes instant embeddable slideshows from pictures you select and upload.  Though there aren't much effects it's effective enough as a slideshow to display images without user interference.

All in all, the simplicity of Pixilive is probably the best thing about it.  If you're in the long tail of the web2.0 and you're trying to find a ncie cozy niche to host your videos and images, Pixilive just might work for you.