Your web entertainment guide

April 30th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Two young guys recently launched a new site, the Tilzy.TV . This new website is actualy serves as an entertainment guide for videos found on the web. Joshua Cohen and Jamison Tilsner were the guys responsible in putting up the website. Both had work experiences in film and television production and pretty much knows the in and outs of the entertainment media.

The site as an entertainment guide contains editorial overviews, preview clips, news, keywords and social recommendations pointing to the best place to find videos online. They identify the entertainment media and editorialize them by providing contents informations to maximize the guide experience of users. They added social and bookmarking elements like ability to rate and comment on contents, video and editorial entries. You can also add friends and view your contact's profiles and stuff.

The site is not an aggregator, just to make things straight. The only videos you'll find in the site are those included as samples when the overview of the original source website was made. You could search the websites they have reviewed so far by looking over at the Resources list or by searching the tag cloud.

Editorial content is the main thing that differentiates Tilzy.TV from a bookmarking site such as StumbleUpon. Without the well researched contents, the site is nothing special.

I'm ok with the content but I do wish I could say the same with regards to site design and navigation. Aesthetically, the website is not that great. For an entertainment guide, the site appears plain, boring and basically not that entertaining.