I rate my day, salad of features.

May 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Think Twitter + Ventbox + a little bit of social networking and you get Iratemyday.

I rate my day is a community where users share to the world how they feel about their day.  Rating comes in five levels, Excellent, ok, so so, bad and *&^%$*%^@.  Those aren't the exact names but I guess you get the idea.  Users need to sign up for an account before posting any rants or raves with a bit of comments on the side explaining how, or why they feel that way.  The postings are updated in real time which makes it a lot like Twitter since we all know that our days can feel many different ways.

Users can add other users as friends (upon request) which is where the social part comes in.  Statistics of the users are also available including locations and how many times they have posted on the site.  The users are arranged into a user cloud or a tag cloud which paints a picture of who's most active and not.  There is also a map of the world showing user density per location as well as how they feel in that place.

To avoid a single person from posting again and again, users cannot post consecutively.  But while waiting a couple of minutes, the user is allowed to browse the statistics.  While viewing other users rants and raves about their day, they can send private messages to each other.

All in all, Iratemyday is a salad of many sites which makes it fairly interesting and kind of addictive too.