Join and get commissioned

May 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Got this email notification informing me that just went live. The website is basically an online entertainment service that can commission users for original videos, music, literary works and photo images in a contest-like setting.

You can choose four different roles when you join the community. First choice is the producer position where generally the main idea or concept for a production comes from. They are the one's that commission a project for a certain monetary award. The performer which refers to the person or persons submitting entries to a certain project. The performers are usually given 7, 14, 21, or 28 days to submit their entries and be subjected under the scrutiny of the goChongo community. The promoter is the third role you could take. This time a promoter writes about the website, reviews the user generated contents in their blogs, MySpace, etc. The rest of the users are classified under the general audience. The audience views, comments, ranks, votes, tags, etc the user generated contents. The key here is the number of votes. The entry that earns the most number of votes gets the cash prize.

Cash prize for each video submission averages below $50. This is quite a small amount and might not be enough to motivate users to submit quality videos. Some users might need to invest more on their original videos if they want to showcase the full extent of their creativity and talent. Still, winning something is better than nothing.

The site is stable with clean, clear and easy user interface and navigation. The only problem I see for now is how it can draw original contributions and how it can compete with similar websites that have had a huge head start such as Though, I still prefer the interface of goChong than Votigo, still, goChongo will be put against Votigo that has more than 300 contests in their current line-up and offers prizes that can reach up to $5000.