URateStuff.com: educating consumers

May 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

In a nutshell: URateStuff.com is an online community where products are reviewed and rated and serves as a guide for buyers, sellers and manufacturers. The range of products reviewed in the site is huge, covering products as small as pieces of jewelry to objects as big as a Cadillac.

Online users or buyers can easily go to URateStuff and read the product reviews. They will be guided by the ratings and reviews if the products are worth purchasing. Likewise, sellers can also use the site to see the current market trends on the products that want to sell. All reviews and commentaries on URateSuff can be shared with friends. Users can also subscribe to RSS feeds which are found on each category to keep them posted. The great things about URateStuff is that any participation in the site will be rewarded by giving the user a share of the site's revenue from Google Adsense. You share, however, is determined by the level or degree of your involvement to the site.

URateStuff is basically a huge collection of customer testimonials. And we all know that the best form advertising is by receiving a positive testimonial of your product. With the free advertising that you can get from URateStuff, the site is worth a look. Just like Digg, products can get on the site's homepage if it becomes popular by earning a considerable amount of ratings. There's also a “bury review” option which can be used to remove a review from the database if it so happens to be a duplicate, has bad links and off-topic contents.

URateStuff contains some social networking elements like personal messaging options for members of the community which is ideal for getting to know people who apparently enjoy the same interests.