Walk the web with walk2web

May 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Seeing how blogs interact with other blogs is old news in the blogosphere,  There are tools like Technorati that show which blogs link to which and they're pretty effective since there aren't much complaints from the public.

Seeing where other sites link to is a different thing.  This isn't a vertical anymore but rather the entire web we're talking about.  Impossible?  Think again.  Walk2Web does exactly what its name says, walk the web.  It's a tool used to literally go through websites and see paths where they are connected.  Something like satellite picture of a road network but instead of towns and counties as points on the map, it's websites.

Going through what Walk2Web has got reminded me of stumble upon with a decreased level of randomness.  Walk2Web is a great tool for exploring the web when you don't know exactly where to go.  Users can start with the top ranking sites or enter any other site they'd like to jump off from.  The interface then shifts into a Flash UI with a picture window on the top right.  The window displays the screenshot of a website selected on the "roadmap" of sites and their interconnections.  Users can then just click on any point on the map and of course other paths will appear as well as other sites.  Basically it's exploring from a bird's eye view.  The walking part comes in when you scroll through the map.

Exploring of course does not end with simply seeing a screenshot.  Users can opt to  tag any site they find as well as add comments.  Bookmarking is available but this takes a graphical twist by simply putting a flag on the site's point in the map.  Regular bookmarking in private and public are also available as site ratings.  Users can vote "WOW great site!" or "WTF?" with the thumbs up and down in the screenshot window.  A button to open the site in a new window is also available.

Walking the web is really interesting especially from an elevated position.  All in all, Walk2Web made my day today and I'll be coming back to walk some more.