Mapmyname; mathematically possible, practically improbable.

May 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Determining how many people use the internet in the world will take 19 days according the authors of Mapmyname. The project is set out to determine the exact number of internet users in the world by using a GoogleMap and a chain mail system.

The task seems daunting but watching the intro video makes it seem all fathomable.

The process starts with a single sign up then it's passed on to 3 friends then they pass it on again and so on. I'm not so sure if the project is serious enought to give an exact figure but it sounds a lot of fun.

To put yourself on the map, a user has to find his location in the world using the GoogleMap then by clicking "Join Now" you can pin your location and start filling up the profile form.

To see people anywhere around the world, users can select any location on the map and click on any bubble, or search for a user by name or location, or click the "People Here" button to see people in the current position of the map. Users can link to each other simply by clicking a button.

The whole point of the project however is to get all internet users in the world to sign up. The chain mail gimmick is used by passing emails to different people and having sign up and link up with each other. If ever the project is successful, Mapmyname would have the largest database of internet users in the entire world in just a month. Now that, I'm sorry to burst their bubble, is impossible. Mathematically plausible but practically improbable. Best wishes to the authors though. Cheers!