Protecting your email

May 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Sometimes, the only thing that hinders you from posting your opinion or participate in discussions in social networks or online communities is the fact that you don't want to reveal your real email address, which is often required to posts comments, for everyone to see. A recently launched startup can change the way you interact with people online. provides a new web service which allows you to display a means to contact you without worrying about hiding your real email address. What Contactify does is that it creates a URL in place of an email address. So every time someone from an online board, or blog posts a message, they will be presented with a contact form instead of the traditional email address contact link.

This is a free service and the site owners are not expected to charge for the use of their services anytime soon, or at least there's no indication that they will. Also, Contactify was meant to be a permanent feature in the web. With Contactify, you can maintain an online presence, on blogs, forums, and social networks without revealing any other contact information about yourself. The Contactify link can be posted almost anywhere.

Your privacy and security is the top most concern of this web service. Spam emails that flood your inbox is also expected to decrease in number since spam has less chance of invading your email address especially if viewers don't know the address in the first place.