Tinyload, rise of the simply hosts.

May 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

A few months ago I was on a roll reviewing file hosting sites. One thing I noticed before was that they all had 1GB of storage for free then the rest for a fee. Recently I've been going through some file hosting sites and the trend has changed from 1GB free to absolutely free.

I also noticed that file hosting sites also had the capability to act as email sites for large files. Though there are minor differences they are generally the same and at the backend, they're completely the same (sort of).

Anyways, here's the latest addition to the file hosting slash email-a-large-file, TinyLoad . Remember the ironic names they give those big hulking and most of the time fat bouncers at the club? Well that's exactly what TinyLoad is.

TinyLoad is capable of hosting a whopping 300MB in one upload as compared to Senduit (recently reviewed here ) this is thrice the capacity. Speaking of Senduit, they like clones except for a few details. Same gray minimalistic theme and no ads. What's up with that? I checked the copyright and they belong to different names. Anyway, aside from the high capacity, TinyLoad has unlimited bandwidth, no user accounts which allows unlimited storage and email functions.

So, I guess the lines between online hard drives and large-file-emails are getting really blurred. Though with this new generation of hosting sites, there isn't much user interface and file organization can be a hassle. Still, the capability of uploading that much in a single shot is impressive and basically as useful as the fancier hosting sites.

All in all, I still think that TinyLoad and Senduit are related. Just check them out.