Wakoopa: geeks socialize

May 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Who says geeks can't socialize? With a recently launched social networking website, software and game geeks can easily meet and share the software that they use. Named Wakoopa.com , the new social network tracks the applications and games that you are currently using. It also allows users to create their software profile for other members to appreciate.

For a nerdy type of website, Wakoopa is surprisingly easy to use. I thought it would be the type where only geeks would understand. I'm not a geek, I'm not there yet. You need to sign up and install a small program, though. The application will handle the tracking of the various software you used. But the whole process of signing up and installing the tracker takes not more than 5 minutes to finish. The tracker works for both PC and Mac platform.

When you browse your personal Wakoopa profile, you'll see a listing of the various programs that you have used so far and a section where you can see what your software your contacts have been using. There are also three categories that are of great interest to me. First is the “Reviews of my software” which is made up of user generated reviews of the software that you are using. Second is the “New versions of my software” which contains information on the latest versions, updates, and reviews of your software. “Software I might like” section, on the other hand, shows you recommended software based on the ones you are currently using.

The website is pretty easy to use and loads really fast. The user interface is great with bright pages and easy to navigation tools. It has solid social networking elements like tags, a search bar, you can share anything inside the site, add friends or contact, comment on posts, invite others to join and create teams or groups. But even if the social networking elements are strong, recruiting actual users to enjoy them may not be that many. Let's be frank about it, not all web browsers will care about tracking and seeing the applications they and their friends use.