your own TV channel

May 4th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Every video sharing website tries to be different. Competition is fierce. In order to capture a broader market they will try to outdo the competition by giving users more features as possible to keep them entertained and hooked to their site. This is why dared to be different.

The website is a video service provider where users are free to create their own interactive TV channel which they can easily post on their websites, blogs, social networks or even mobile phones. The site incorporates the usual social networking elements like sharing your kyte channels with your friends and collaborating with them so that they can become part of your shows. People can add their own contents by voting and chatting with other users. The video won't be played in real time, though. But still, users can upload photos and texts.

Kyte uses an integrated Flash player to view the user generated contents. An interesting addition or twist to the viewing experience is a little “eye” icon at the bottom of the player which shows you how many users are watching the video at the same time. You can also participate in a live chat session with these people watching the video, another added feature for

The site's interface is pretty simple and looks clean enough. Signing up does not take up too much of your time. Navigation and browsing might be a little troublesome especially with no tag clouds being used and without a decent category search listing that users can refer to. Still, the channel search display do help users browse easily the videos included in a particular channel.