RadioIndie, another charity for hungry artists.

May 4th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Artists in general usually go hungry and die penniless, well that's probably an exaggeration but it has been such a cliche because it's really happening.  Anyway, being a superstar in the music business is hard as ever because pop music now isn't much about the music but the image of the artist.  Finding a big break even for radio air time is difficult since independent artists have to compete for airtime with the signed musicians and top 40 songs.

Though broadcasting to a wide audience now isn't hard with the internet.  In fact, music, video and literature have all been scattered around the web for everyone to appreciate.  Video has their YouTubes and IPTVs, literature has its blogs and music has its podcasts, generally speaking.  Internet radio is nothing new and so are stations for independent artists.  A new comer in this league is RadioIndie.

RadioIndie is an online radio station slash music-on-demand site that only plays and accepts Indie music.  Indie (short for independent) music is actually very good, many artists never get the chance to be on Billboard but they actually sound great.  Why this is so is all inthe business of music which I' rather not discuss.

RadioIndie has a player right in its front page which when activated plays songs from independent artists.  The content of course is user generated.  Indie artists upload their songs to the site just like people upload videos on YouTube then put in tags to make their songs searchable since aside from the player, visitors can rifle through tags and artists to find music they'd like to listen to.

Not all songs make it on the radio though, for some reason RadioIndie has reserved their radio player for the top 100 songs ranked by users.  Songs that don't make it in the top 100 are still available on the site for comments, ratings and downloads.  The top100 is determined every week so no one song or group of songs stay on radio because they got a high rating for a time.

Since this is Indie music, all songs uploaded are free for download and redistribution.  All in all, I would consider RadioIndie as a philantropic site and personally as an avid music lover and frustrated artist, this is another breakthrough.