In a nutshell: offers nothing new

May 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am is a simple web service that provides users with a search engine for browsing the web, provides tools to take notes and manage their to-do list in quick and painless manner. Everything with Nutshell is simplified, the search box, to-do list, and the note pad seem to be focused on getting things done and easily managing the users' tasks.

You first need to register and setup a personal account, the process is simple and quick though so you don't have to worry. However, during the time I used the site's features, I was asked to log-in my user name and password every time I make an entry in the to-do list and note pad. Probably they were making some updates during the time I tried it but if they were not, this is a serious bug that causes a lot of inconvenience and can really be frustrating for users.

The search box allows users to search various sites. You can select YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, eBay, Flickr, Amazon, MySpace, Digg, Yahoo and whole lot more. For quicker access to such sites, Nutshell provides users with keywords where they enter together with their search queries. For example, when searching Flickr, users just need to type f before their actual search and the engine will automatically limit the search on Flickr.

To-do list and the note pad is best to write down phone numbers, shopping lists, reminders, tasks, and all sorts of stuff. These can be emailed, printed and can be set as feed to your RSS.

The only problem with the site is that it will encounter problems breaking into the add notes, to-do list and task management service provider. This area is as saturated as photo sharing websites and online social networks. They really need to be different or offer something original if they want to even stir up the market. But frankly, at present the features of Nutshell are nothing special. Users will choose to remain with their own to-do lists rather than shifting to another provider.