Mockatoo, collect anything and keep it all here.

May 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

People like to collect things.  Cars, stamps, songs, bottle caps, hubcaps, junk, boats, money and actually come to think of it, almost everything!  On the web we've seen a lot of collections, bookmarks, pictures, weird sites, applications, documents, screenshots, journals, blogs, and actually everything digital.

For book marks there's, for photos there's Flickr, for friends, there's Myspace.  Anywhere on the web there's somewhere to keep any kind of collection.  So why haven't we seen this one coming.  A place to keep anything and everything.

Dead simple, rock solid.  That's the tag line of Mockatoo .  And true enough that's what it is for now.  Mockatoo is a place to keep lists of things you sort of collect, like your bookmarks or anything interesting you've found on the net.  Lyrics for example, or songs, or videos.  Mockatoo allows users to create the fields of their own list so it's up to the user what to call those fields and how many those are.  As of now Mockatoo is only allowing text fields which for the average web user should be enough for now since anywhere on the web is accessible by a text-based hyperlink.

Though this may not seem too exciting or new, Mockatoo's site design is perfectly Web2.0 and their logo is adorable.  There are already some interesting collections on Mockatoo's gallery.  Sharing is the collections is the essence of Mockatoo but private collections can also be kept if desired by the user.

All in all, Mockatoo may not be the most useful site available to keep a bunch of text fields but it sure is interesting to see what other people are collecting.  Moreover, that Mockatoo bird is just so cute.