Social searching with AfterVote

May 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

A social search engine, that's probably a good definition of what is. This search engine uses tools that can help in ranking the search results. What AfterVote does is that when it searches for queries, it gathers all the information from the top search engines, like namely Google, Yahoo, and MSN search and cross reference those information with the site's own search ranking database. You can rank the search results according to these and even according to Alexa ranking and PageRank. AlterVote can specifically search for images or videos.

What makes it a “social search engine”? The social aspect of the site lies on the fact that users can vote positively or negatively on each search result. The more negative votes a search result gets, the greater the chance that the search result will be placed at the lowest rank and will eventually disappear from the ranking system. The site owners do promise that they have mechanisms in place that would identify, sift through, control or prohibit bots or any attempts to manipulate or influence any rank.

You can also customize your identity as a search user. You can choose from being a beginner, intermediate or advance search user. The difference lies on the things that you can do, with the advance level having more options in bookmarking, ranking, etc.

Also, there's an option to customize the weights of each search engines results. By making the weight higher means you're favoring the search results from that search engine and the opposite will happen if you make the weight lighter. Likewise, you can control which plugins you prefer to be displayed together with the results.

My verdict: AfterVote is a highly customizable search engine which features unique social networking elements, easy and very likable user interface. They made a good job with this one.