Stickynews, serving the news in a sticky and fun way.

May 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

RSS news feeds are probably the most boring form of headlines you'll ever see, one liners and sometimes a 'more' button.  Though it was that simple format that makes it effective it's just plain boring.  Regardless of where you place them be it in a browser, email or widget, those headlines have really lost creativity in presentation.

PostIts the famous stickers from 3M have become a staple in the office and where ever quick notes and bulletins are needed.  Though the patent for the less adhesive belongs to 3M, the web has come up with its own version like the one reviewed here (Stikkit) .  Now, there's another one but unlike Stikkit, this one is for the news.

Stickynews uses the concept of the PostIt.  Just like the paper originals, the Sticknews headlines are scattered on the browser, some overlapping each other.  Each Stickynews' lower right corner when hovered over by the mouse flips over and displays a button that lead to the main news article.  These are external links to stories provided by their community.  The Stickynews are in Flash interface and they can be moved around and closed depending on the user.

News are classified and under every category there's at least ten Sticky notes or ten Sticknews or headlines which the user can flip through.  All in all, Stickynews is just a more creative way to display the news.  From the looks of the current site, they are still in their early stages which probably explains why there isn't much features like RSS or widgets.  Anyway, if you're bored with the way headlines are displayed then Stickynews just might be the way to go.