4u dot com’s, get it while it’s cheap

May 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Up until half a year ago I had no idea how big a business domain names were.  Well, I did know some domain names can make one rich especially something like sex.com which was sold for $14M and is now a parking space.

Apparently quality domain names are scarce these days since the giants in the business are hoarding domains and developing them into their own services or selling them off for outrageous prices.  So what do you do when you own a double character dot com domain like 4u.com?  Easy answer, make money off of it.

4u Systems Inc. is selling off domain names with the 4u identifier.  This 2-digit identifier makes domains a whole lot easier remember not to mention it doubles the existing cool domain names like www.apple.com which becomes www.apple.4u.com.

Definitely this is going to be big bsiness for the folks at 4u Systems Inc. and for those looking for cool domain names, better get them now while they're still cheap and reasonable.