, is it the answer?

May 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Many online users got disappointed when stopped offering its web service for most users outside the U.S. due to licensing issues. Before that happened, Pandora was widely known as a premier source of internet radio, not only because of the quality it provides but also because of its known wide music base.

A recently launched website is trying to fill in the void that Pandora's decision has made in world wide web. launched its beta recently and almost instantly it has been declared as the “Pandora of music videos.” The basic idea of Aggrega is to enable users to create their own own music video channel, vote for videos they like, and be able to share their video channels on their websites, blogs, webpages and so on. The site has a recommendation engine that offers you selections of artists or videos based on you Aggrega profile.

Aside from the music video aggregator, the site will soon offer a recommendation engine for photos and blogs, searching the web for pictures and blogs that you will love based on the created aggregate knowledge. The only available feature so far is the music videos channel creator. You use Aggrega by creating your own channel and entering an artist's name on the search box. The site then lists down videos from that performer along with other music videos that it thinks you might also be interested in. The recommendation engine can be further improved by voting either “I Love” or “I Hate” for each song.

The concept is undeniably great, but since the site is still in beta you can't help but notice some inconsistencies or issues regarding the web service. First, it appears that most of the videos are taken from YouTube which results to getting the same bad stuff. For example, searching for the group “America” yielded an Anime mtv of one of their songs together with other fan based music videos that are quite popular in YouTube. If you're the type that looks only for the original music videos of artists, then sifting through the fan based MTVs would be very frustrating. Also, if Aggrega gets only videos from YouTube, it might not get much in the future since YouTube is becoming more strict with licensed materials.