Happytxt gets a makeover

May 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Getting a make over is one way of remarketing your product. Previously reviewed here , Happytxt gets a new look yet its features are still the same.

Though unlike the old site, Happytxt now presents their vents in a cooler easier way. Now, users can see how other people feel by clicking on the moods listed below the main text fields where users can put in their vents.

The great thing about Happytxt is that they aren't limited to complaints like Ventbox is. On Happytxt, users can either be happy or sad, excited or depressed and all they have to do is select the mood they are in at the moment.

It may sound a lot like Twitter and Jaiku but the concepts aren't exactly the same. Tru that users can broadcast in real time how they feel at the moment but viewing those feelings aren't the same.

Like most sharing sites however, Happytxt joins the bandwagon by allowing users to comment on other users rants and raves.

Anyways, the makeover is a good one, it's now easier to find rants and raves, colors are much better and the interface is simply warm and as their name states, happy.