iWantTo.us, a new user-driven content site

May 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Everything is all about social interaction nowadays. The Web 2.0 culture has really made sure of that. From user generated contents to bookmarking, from sharing data to discovering information, social interaction in the web has evolved into a culture of its own. With billions of users online, anyone can find or think of any ideas or concept that can be networked socially among target markets.

iWantTo.us is such an example of a website that is basically ran by user contents. You will find that everything in the site is submitted and voted on by the iWantTo community. Users can easily share, discover, bookmark, and promote a variety of stuff. Users can submit contents under categories like buy, sell, find, rent, share, know, ask and give aways. Each category can be included in your daily RSS feeds.

A good thing about user generated contents is that the contents have already been subjected to some form of quality control before the article find itself on the pages of the site. The filtering begins with the users themselves. By voting which entries will be given placement in the site, burying usually the ones that have less or zero.

Because the site is free, both posting entries and reading and voting on them, there will always be users who will continue to utilize the site as their means to sell stuff for one or get data, update information or get news. But the competition is fierce and having a user interface that is very much like Digg might not help in promoting the website. Users online may no longer tolerate, allow or even support websites that are merely copycats. Sometimes even those that resemble other websites receive some negative feedback from users.