Jyve, for people asking and answering questions.

May 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Wouldn't it be great if you could simply ask somebody and get a straight answer anytime, instantly? Though search engines and answers communities by Google and Yahoo are trying to do this but more often that not, users have to wait a while for their answer to come. Sometimes too, communities like Yahoo Answers answers are way out of line with regards to the asked question since answers are crawled with a search engine or AI.

Jyve is another answers community that is not powered by AI but instead by real human intelligence. Jyve is a portal where you can ask any question and somebody online would answer. Of course it doesn't work 100% of the time but at least it has a bit of ma more tangible human contact, instant messaging.

Once the question is asked, users will wait for other users to answer it directly in the chat room. If no one answers then tough luck but the question is stored in the archive where other users can still browse through and answer later.

Questions are also classified by category or tags as well as the users. Users can select which categories they can possibly answer so for every category there's already a pool of users willing to answer any question. Furthermore there are experts in every who display their contact details for IM, calls or email and will sometimes give answers for free or charge a fee.

Another way of finding questions and answers is by using the tags. For every tag there's a category and some people who consider themselves capable in that field. Tags are also classified in a knowledge tag where every tag has a number beside it corresponding to the number of experts in that certain field.

Aside from asking questions anybody can also answer them. On the Answering tab, there's a list of active questions that are waiting for answers. Users can click on any question they'd like to answer and type it in directly in the chat room for that question.

All in all, the idea of getting answers directly from other humans anytime is very relaxing. Of course we can't blame Jyve for the unavailability of people but we can however thank them for the portal that spawned the community. Moreover, I personally enjoyed answering questions because it made me feel like I knew much.