Adding comment systems to your site

May 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Got a website? You like to make it more “web 2.0” looking? An easy way to do that is sign up for a commenting system at . Instacomment makes it possible for websites to include instant comment systems on their pages.

The web service uses an ajax based tool for the commenting system. The great thing about a comment system is that it allows browsers of your site to participate in friendly or argumentative discussions among themselves increasing interaction in your site. Discussions also allow the people who view your web pages a richer experience. By interacting with one other through a commenting system, people will get to know more about a topic, be opened to new ideas, learn to share data and serves as a venue for free speech, expression and flow of ideas. A commenting system is always a healthy addition to any website.

Using Instacomment is pretty easy. One simply needs to sign up for an account, upload a special file to your server, insert a line of html code on the pages where you’d like to enable commentary, and finally tag each button. There's some basic level of customization, more specifically you're able to change the color parameters of the comment box. But other than this, the Instacomment system is very straightforward with little or no complicated commands or features.

Instacomment goes in direct competition with Shoutout ZoopIn comment system. I give Instacomment an upper hand for at least creating a more professional looking website than the latter. It seems the web service is already up for sale with already an ad posting at The ad is asking for $5000 for the site. Instacomment went live last March 2007 and have had an average of 60,000 unique visitors a month in the past two months. Site owner claims to have already about 700 or more registered publishers.