Cameroid: Having fun with your webcam

May 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Personally, I've never been a fan of web cams. When they first came out, the cameras were slow and the internet connection that I had was not that great either. So I became frustrated and abandoned using web cams all together. Granted that the technology has improved a lot since then, but still my interest or desire has not been rekindled, not yet. But there's a website that made me interested with the whole web cam thing again. is a web service that allows you to take pictures and add various effects to them. Cameroid automatically detects your PC's web cam. Immediately you will see yourself on a large screen. The effects options are located at the right side of the web cam screen. You can add scenes, morph and a variety of color effects on the web cam video feed. It's this tweaking ability of Cameroid that attracted my attention. Easy and quite funny effects can be used to add color and interest to your snapshot. And as an added service, as well as to make the whole thing more interactive, Cameroid added features like options to download photos, share and send them to friends, or print them directly from the site. You can also save photos in smaller sizes which makes it ideal avatar creator for your IM profile.

With a very easy and fun user interface, Cameroid can really attract new users and encourage others to maximize the use of their web cams. The snapshots taken from the web site can also be used to add some funk to your otherwise boring web page, blog, or MySpace profile. Enhancing your social networking experience through Cameroid will be just as enjoyable as creating the snapshots themselves.

This web service does have a definite appeal. However, I really would prefer something that may not sound like a disease. Nevertheless, the site will eventually add more features. The Scene selection alone has a couple of blank options which Cameroid has yet to fill up.