Tell me where in this world is interesting.

May 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

When Google Maps first became available I was completely amazed. It made me see the world as is is thanks to the satellite images that took out all the biases and impressions on every place. Those photos show the world as is and leave it to people to decide which parts are interesting without the marketing and showcasing most tourism books give.

Now Google Maps and have become of more use to webmasters and startups where they can edit and use the map for whatever purpose they may have in mind. We've seen applications using these maps in real estate, parties, photos, sports and of course places. Wayki was the first one I reviewed here that dealt directly with showing the world where places may be interesting or which deserves a comment.

Tellmewhere is another service that does what Wayki has been doing. First and foremost it is a community of registered. These users share places using addresses (for cities and countries in Europe and the US primarily) or by simply locating the place on the map. To highlight a place for others to notice, any user can just pick a spot on the map and enter a description and select categories for the place. For example, a real secluded, virgin island in the far east or a coffee shop in downtown Manhattan. The island can be tagged as a tourist destination with sub categories on panoramic views or great dive spots. While the coffee shop can be tagged under leisure with sub categories under drinks and night life. Those tags and categories make it easier for other users to find any place they're looking for for whatever purpose that serves them.

The community not only allows users to display and comment on places but rate them as well. this is one feature absent on Wayki. The ratings will of course determine which places will be featured on the front page.

Tellmewhere is also a good place to find local information. The site is apparently based in Paris, France so most of its users are from there and they give a nice set of descriptions and tips on the city as well as pictures.

Of course, as a community, users can interact with each other via messages to further expand everone else's knowledge of our world. All in all, Tellmewhere is a nice place to view the world from the eyes of those who are really there. Though I still prefer Wayki for its faster loading and simplicity, Tellmewhere is for people who want to really know stuff about some place.