Revolutionary: anonymous phone numbers

May 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

You definitely need to try this one. Go to and get free auto-expiring, anonymous phone number. A very simple technology yet is truly unique and is simply revolutionary. You can get a disposable anonymous phone number to protect your privacy and identity. The number provided by Craigsnumber can be managed. Aspects like privacy and accessibility can be controlled individually.

When you get your Craigsnumber, either online or by calling (415) 234-5678, you can choose up to one month before the number expires. Once the number has been generated, you will set the call-forwarding to your real or to your desired phone numbers. So when stranger call the Craigsnumber, they will be automatically forwarded to your real phone number. You can use Craigsnumber in your blog, when selling stuff online, in social networking site, in online communities, in chats or IM. There's a lot of places online where you can find uses for your Craigsnumber. The site attests that no allocated Craigsnumbers will be reused, each number is unique. The objective of the site is to create a safer global community.

This Silicon Valley startup is still in beta. There might be some more interesting features to come. But nonetheless, the present site is already receiving rave reviews and things will definitely get more interesting for the team.