Rouxbe, video cooking demonstrations of chefs’ recipes

May 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Food is undeniably the most important thing to humans after air and water.  Recipes for all kinds of food are readily available in common knowledge, bookstores and of course the internet.  On TV, recipes are presented on food networks and early morning shows or mid afternoon slots.  The problem with these presentations is that it's always bound for misinterpretation and unless personally recorded, they're quite easy to forget.

Rouxbe is an instructional web service that hands out recipes through video cooking demos on demand.  The advantage and convenience of the video demand as we all already know.  So here, users can always go back to a recipe and see how it's done.  Users can also download the text recipes and of course there's always a work-around to download the video (illegally of course).

Videos on Rouxbe are deeptagged so parts of each recipe video are indexed and each part is playable anytime if you need to review a step.  Unlike a lot of cooking videos on scattered on the internet or vodcasts, Rouxbe recipes are not user generated.  They have couple of chefs updating and demonstrating recipes so all the food on the site must be delicious and they certainly look so.  All the videos are in high quality and is actually heavy on bandwidth and fortunately they have a lower quality version of their videos so users can just switch to LQ if their connection is slow.

The text recipes are standard cookbook format, sometimes not too easy to understand but with a bit of trial and error you'll probably get it right sometime.

Rouxbe however with all its fantastic videos and delicious recipes is not free.  Signing up is free and for the next 30 days so are all the recipes on the site.  After that period, you should at least invite one more member to sign up to get a ten day extension.  fees haven't been disclosed yet so it would be better take advantage of those free recipes now.

All in all Rouxbe is a great cook guide.  The video s are really insightful and easy to follow as the chef explains everything including the reasons behind the actions.  Hopefully the service will remain free and retain their quality of recipes.  After watching one of their videos, I am now officially famished!