FloorPlanner, the free interior design and layout software.

May 11th, 2007 at 12:00 am

I used to watch the show KnockFirst on TV and I always found it alluring to see how regular rooms become works of art in interior design. That led me to play around with my own room trying to find out which layouts would give it a taste of signature interior design. I used to draw on paper layouts and floor plans but eventually I just gave up because my drawings were simply appalling. So I tried doing it on PowerPoint and Photoshop and finally on AutoCAD then with still no success I totally gave up and left my room in shambles.

It was probably the artistic part that was lacking in me but what made me quit actually was the tediousness of making floorplans on paper or on the computer. Today however, that frustration of mine has a bit of hope shined upon it.

Introducing FloorPlanner, a web-based layouting program that's as easy to use as PowerPoint and as accurate as AutoCAD (to a certain extent). It's a Flash-based program that allows users to draw using preset images of the usual things to make a house, office, or any structure that will eventually house people.

Users can create their own floor plans and share it with other users or if they want to keep it private they may so as well. The flash interface allows vector graphics so the zoom function is really useful when viewing details and everything can actually be easily measured. Vector graphics also has an advantage of being easily scaled and rescaled manually by entering a quantitative value to determine a dimension. This allows all the preset images to be scalable in any size the user may want or need.

FloorPlanner was designed to be a complete 2D layout software for floor planners hence there are features such as text annotations, line measurements and printing. FLoor plans can be printed so that the user can easily have copy when he's actually moving things around or for contractors who will build the room.

I tried to use FloorPlanner and create my dream floor plan for my room and even with the impressive tools available, I still can't make one. It's really the talent that I am missing.

All in all, for anyone who wants to make their own floor plans or room layouts, FloorPlanner is a great free service that can take the place of much more expensive softwares.