Social Dragon, revenues for users and advertisers alike.

May 11th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Survivors of the first dot-com bubble now know that the long tail of the internet is the best way to make profits and the living and breathing marketplace of Web2.0.  Also, as contrast to Web1.0, Web2.0 has been harnessing the users as the main provider of content on the internet.

Content is the blood of the web and there are four kinds, text, images, audio and video.  Video is the culmination of the first three where all those elements are mashed up together to give a rich media experience to the users.  It is also the most powerful medium in delivering messages over the web.  Of course capitalists know this for a fact and have been using videos to generate revenues on the web through vodcasts, ads and campaigns.  With the rampant exchange and generation of videos on various video sharing sites scattered on the internet, user generated content is distributed without profit on the the users' side.

Social Dragon is a new platform that brings people generating the content and those who gain revenue for that content and mash them in a marketplace where both parties earn revenue fairly.  Of Course SocialDragon gets its share so actually everyone is just happy.  The idea is to let users sell their video content to advertisers for uses of ad campaigns all over the internet.  It's actually a lot like Google Adsense where advertisers pay Google and Google pays users to put the ads on their sites.  In this case, advertisers pay users for the content then both advertisers and users pay SocialDragon for overseeing and providng the channel for the transaction.

I spoke with Raj Sodhi, founder of SocialDragon and he said that advertisers can use his SocialDragon platform to get the necessary media to reach its intended users.  The rationale behind this is that there are too many kinds of potential customers on the internet that the only way to reach them is to use the media that they are used to and user generated content especially videos is that medium.

SocialDragon is the brainchild of Sodhi and it started in September2006.  They are currently in a private beta mode and according to Sodhi it will take a nother six to eight weeks to roll out a "well-oiled machine" referring of course to his Social Dragon Platform.

All in all, SocialDragon is an ambitious goal yet very much possible.  When they launch to the public, users can now enjoy revenues from their content while advertisers can enjoy all the social media they need.  Cheers to SocialDragon.