EasyPost, snail mailing to Canada over the web.

May 15th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Ever wondered what happened to snail mail?  Today they seem to be long gone except for the monthly bills and bank statements.  What happened to the love letters and the stationery, the perfumed ink and the fancy envelopes?  Well, while video killed the radio star, email killed the postal mail.

Not entirely of course.  Postal services today are alive and well though not the main channel of communication unlike a century ago, postal mail is now more efficient, systematic and computerized.  In fact, you can now send "snail mail via email!"

It's a little site called EasyPost.ca .  The idea is one of the simplest I've ever seen in the Web 2.0 scene.  Sleek and no nonsense, EasyPost allows you to send an envelope with a stamp and a letter inside from the comfort of your keyboard.  Here's how it works.  Fill in the recepient's address then type in your letter.  That's it actually.  After clicking send, EasyPost does it all, printing, licking the stamp and dropping the letter in the mailbox.  Postal services then mail it to where ever you specified.

EasyPost is still free for the meantime.  However, they are only available in Canada.  Also the still do not support color and graphics.  Letters are in crisp black text printed in laser on standard whit letter size paper and a white envelope.  They say that they're a team of cool Canadians and a bunch of hamsters (who probably do the licking).  After the beta testing, EasyPost may expand their services to mainland US and probably the world and charge fees.