MapsKrieg, mashing up craigs and housing maps.

May 15th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Seems that the Google Maps API is paying off bit by bit with small unique mashups built around them. Recently Flickr released their version of geotagging with Flickrvision based on various similar services like Wayki , TellMeWhere and Locr .

Maps are especially useful for real estate which are already common on the web. Usually real estate properties are listed in the usual classified ads format and there's a map to click on to locate the property. MapKrieg on the other hand reversed the classifieds format by centering the map on the real estate.

Currently available only in the 50 United States, MapsKrieg is a mashup of Craiglist and a Google Map that provides listings of real estate properties for rent or sale all across the states. The main page shows the US map and a lot of those little markers scattered all around. For listing purposes these markers on the main page isn't much help though they show the availability density of real estate across the country. Clicking on any marker will prompt the user to select which kind of property he's looking for, apartments, condos, rent, sale, etc. Whe that choice is made MapKrieg zooms in and with another bunch of markers show the user where the available units are.

Aside from that method of searching for property, MapKrieg can also be searched by region with a conventional drop down box or by entering a location or zip code. Then the search process is the same, a click on the marker shows the description of the property.

There are other Craiglist features I cannot find though. For example, how do I add my ad? Or when I'm in a location, how do I get out and search another place or change my category. However, MapsKrieg isn't much of a business startup though all of the trappings are there, it's actually a simple project of Hung Truong based on HousingMaps to help him find accomodations near the school where he will be taking his masters degree in Michigan.

All in all, it's a great tool and it beats looking at lists of housings and addresses that you've no idea where to find. I do hope Hung Truong will continue MapsKrieg whe he gets his apartment in Michigan.