, broadcasting news 24/7

May 15th, 2007 at 12:00 am

It pays to be different. With lots of similar websites coming out, having some unique properties will help a startup establish a name for itself. By offering something more, a website can rise above the rest.

Take for example . At first look, it appears to be another video aggregator. However, this time the videos aggregated are new feeds from around the world. The site has agreements with news agencies like Reuters, the Associated Press and the Canadian Press. functions as an online broadcast news network where video news are shown for free. The site's objective is to serve as a global platform for broadcasters and even advertisers worldwide.

The site is actually doing pretty well. With a number of legitimate news organizations as partners, they are able to release at least 70 video news in a day. A number of these videos come from local news sources from across the globe, hence some of the videos come in English subtitles, which by the way is a great way of preserving the integrity of the news content. also encourages individuals to submit their own news stories which makes it a perfect place to showcase empowered individual journalism.

User interface is not bad either. You'll find that news videos are categorized by region, Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Europe. The usual filters are used like most popular, top stories, and featured. You can also post comments, share the contents with friends and submit related videos or stories.

The layout looks very similar to YouTube, which they should not have done since the latter is not actually the best site to emulate in terms of page layout. Another downside of the site is the video quality. It would be best to showcase hard line news stories and formal reports in a higher video quality.