Resolio, online resume creator

May 15th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Finding jobs is one of the most enjoyable parts of life after college.  When job hunting they say you have to market yourself and put your best foot forward.  There are actually a lot of sites on the internet that give tutoring on how to land that dream job.  These sites include templates and samples of good and bad resumes as well as cover letters, portfolios and all the paraphernalia a job hunter may need.

The resume is probably the most important of the paraphernalia.  This document contains a summary of who you are, what you did and what you're capable of doing which is what employers will be looking at.

Back in the day before the internet, resumes were sent by post on response to ads found in newspapers.  Today there are thousands of job listing sites scattered across the web and the medium of communication is email.  What I usually do is I attach my resume on the email or include my website URL in my email.  Usually my resume is a hard coded HTML that looks like a page on craigslist or on Wayback machine.

Today I found Resolio, it's a web based application that is designed specifically to create a resume online.  Using the tools of Web2.0, making a resume in Resolio is the same as editing your profile page in any social network.  Data fields are added and designs are customized.  For the non coding internet user, this is a must-use tool when job hunting.  There are already design templates to choose from which alter the CSS of the HTML content so regardless of the design, the content is the same and independently editable.

After the resume has been created, Resolio can host that resume in the users account or export it for embedding in any web page or print it out on paper.  All in all, Resolio may change the way job hunters submit their resumes to employers.  The email can now simply contain the URL to the online resume where anybody with the link can view it.  Will it increase a person's marketability? No one knows but if online job databases changed the way we job hunt, Resolio is certainly a follow up to that revolution.