HotPads, a complete map-based search portal for hot pads.

May 16th, 2007 at 12:00 am

I knew I've heard of HotPads before somewhere but I never checked it out. Today I finally did after that interesting site MapsKrieg

HotPads works the same way actually, though instead of using the GoogleMaps API, it uses the competition from Microsoft, Virtual Earth. They both do the job anyway. HotPads is a listing site of apartments and houses for rent. Even if I prefer using GoogleMaps over windows, between MapsKrieg and HotPads, I pprefer the latter simply because its a more complete tool.

Navigation in HotPads is a lot easier with its various search options including a video search that allows virtual tours of some properties. Another feature I like is the free posting of available property right on the front page.

The location search function of HotPads is much better than that of MapsKrieg in in the sense that it is easier to use with its wide database of villages and neighborhoods classified under every city and state. The major difference too is that HotPads allows users to create accounts and save their searches there.

All in all, HotPads leads for its easier search functions and navigation. On the other hand MapsKrieg has an advantage over HotPads with its real estate for sale category and optional tabular listing. Nevertheless, of the two, I'd definitely go for HotPads.