Phozi, a photo annotation tool made into a photobooth

May 16th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Photobooths are fun to use especially when there's ten of you trying to fit all your faces in a 21” monitor. Well I havent been out much to notice any more photobooths especially when camera phones became available in everyone's pocket.

Phozi however brings it back to your PC by using a webcam, an existing picture or a mobile phone. Here's how it works, first upload the picture to phozi, if by webcam take a snapshot, if the photoalready exists in your hard drive just upload, and finally if you're using a mobile phone, send it to the email address on the Phozi homepage. Once the photo is uploaded to Phozi, you can begin adding everything you miss in the photobooth. There are backgrounds, stamps, text clouds and every other tool you'll find in photo annotation sites.

Basically there's nothing really innovative or special with Phozi all of its features are already existing in older sites reviewed here like BubblePly , PicNic , WriteitIn and Comeeko . Though Phozi is the only one to masquerade as a personal photobooth, the other sites do the same thing too. As its predecessors also feature, Phozi has a number of exporting features, saving, embedding and sending.

Phozi however has captured the attention of a lot of bloggers and a newer generation of webizens since it's a new one after so long. All in all, Phozi is an ok site, the idea isn't new and neither is the technology. However it's fun and refreshing especially when the web is swamping with issues like DRM, the Digg Revolt and the lawsuits against YouTube. Phozi is a breath of fresh air and a reminder that there are a lot of fun things left on the net.