, sharing files the easy way

May 16th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Some basic rules that file sharing web applications should follow: they must be simple and must be efficient. So far Tubes does these things. Tubes can easily create, invite and share files with anyone, anywhere. It was built with the intention of combining the speed of instant messaging and the reach of email.

You need to sign up first, then download the Tubes app and install it to your computer. Having to download and install the application is probably considered by some as a minor drawback. But web based sharing applications just cannot compare to the speed and flexibility of desktop based programs. Even though it would be nice to see a web-based version of Tubes. But, the whole process of downloading and installing the Tubes app takes only a couple of minutes anyway so everything can be considered well and good.

When you install the Tubes app, you can easily establish your sharing network and can instantly share photos, music, video and documents with everyone you know. You establish your contact by sending out email invitations. This secure network or connections between your desktop and your contact's desktop is referred to as “tubes.” The app uses a drag and drop technology wherein anything you drop in a tube will immediately be copied to the desktop of the contact you chose. Moreover, Tubes offers online backup and automatic syncing capabilities.

Tubes has a pretty nifty user platform. The user interface can be customized with you having full control over which documents you wish to share and whom to share it with. The Tube navigator looks pretty much like an IM service navigator so moving about the web app will not be that foreign or that difficult. The developers of the app assured users of a secure sharing environment.

I almost forgot, this sharing application is free.