Creating polls with Quibblo

May 17th, 2007 at 12:00 am

If your website still doesn't have a Poll, get one quick. Polls has become a major part of websites on the internet. Most of the blogs you will visit showcases at least one poll. Poll topics or questions range from the odd and mundane, to purely personal, serious and important stuff.

The great thing about today's internet applications is that you no longer need to be a programmer to install a polling question to your site. You don't have to worry about typing those codes. Thanks to the development of the internet and web-based applications, it only takes a few minutes before owners can insert polls, quizes or surveys in their respective websites. is no exemption.

With Quibblo, you can create polls, quizzes, surveys or categories. The latter one involves using multiple opinion questions to determine what type of person you are for a certain topic. There's a search bar on the main page which allows you to browse the site, vote on the existing polls, and see other quizzes and polls that other users have made. The site has a friendly user interface, no complicated steps to follow or complex navigation structures. The steps are so simple that even a child can create one.

To integrate the polls in your site you can either paste the Javascript code provided or directly link the polls from your site. There are other options as well. Color choices for your polls can be customized as well. You can see how many people have voted on your poll or have taken your quiz through a bar chart flash widget.

Quibblo is a great service to bloggers and sites who conduct their own research to find out the behavior of their visitors or users. They can use the polls and surveys to find out what they want. However, users need to be careful since the polls are not 100% free from being gamed.