Vayama, fly the world easily

May 17th, 2007 at 12:00 am

International travel can be such a hassle with more than a single airport in every country and no direct flight between a lot of countries.

Usually this is the job of travel agencies but they are a million dollar industry because they charge so much. Online ticketing systems have been a lot of help to consumers in the domestic flights scene since there is mostly a direct flight to anywhere within the country if not it's just a few stops. On the international scene however, we're talking of hundreds of routes, times, dates, classes, prices and airlines. For this reason most consumers would rather let the travel agent worry about it.

Vayama is an online flight booking system that may as well be called a travel agent because it dies the same thing. Of the thousands of flights crisscrossing the globe everyday, Vayama is able to provide several itinerary for its users in a few seconds. Using it is simple, enter the city of departure and destinations, the type of flight, cabin preference, date and time, then with a click, Vayama presents a list of possible routes and carriers including the price of the ticket. Then all the user would have to do is book the route he chooses. A fun thing about Vayama is its integration of an interactive map that can also be used when choosing destinations.

The best thing about Vayama is that they list the cheapest route first so users will see the most practical way to get to their destinations. There are other flights though but after the first on the list everything else is more expensive and not necessarily more comfortable.

Anyway, the database of Vayama seems to be vast. I tried searching domestic flights in different countries and they still offered bookings for those.

The booking process for anyflight from Vayama is charged five dollars. I haven't tried buying a ticket yet but Vayama can also take care of accepting payments and delivering the ticket online or by post.

All in all, the site is very easy to use, there aren't much ads, and there's a map so you wont get lost anywhere you are in the world.