TalentSpring a unique resume database

May 18th, 2007 at 12:00 am

If you're looking for a job and is scared of the competition then get ready to be terrified with what the latest online resume database has to offer. The recently launched TalentSpring.com introduced a novel way for keeping resumes of job seekers online. Instead of the usual resume database where entries or contributed resumes can be classified according to location, work experience, and education, TalentSpring ranks the resumes in its database ala-Digg.

TalentSpring uses a Merit Score system to rate resumes and place the ones with the highest rating to the top of the site's resume list. Now the thing with this merit score system is that other job seekers belonging to the same job category will be the ones ranking the resumes. Your peers will determine, based on your resume, if you are better suited for a particular position. However, when you submit your resume you need to have at least 12 votes from other candidates belong in the same field. What the site does is it put your resume against other resumes so that the users will be able to compare and choose which one is better.

The merit system allows employers to sift through only the best, highly rated resumes. So employers can focus on only a few resumes instead of looking over copies and copies of resumes on a database. TalentSpring is a great service for recruiters.

You need to sign up to post your resume in TalentSpring. Registration is actually meticulous since your personal information is needed when you sign up. An email notification will be send out where you can verify your registration. User interface is a little complicated for my taste, although, soon enough the functionality of the site will overshadow the rather complex user interface.