Browsing faster with Interclue

May 25th, 2007 at 12:00 am

This web tool add-on from New Zealand will be in direct competition against, and Can it compete with older and more stable provider of thumbnail previews of Web content. for one has been around for a while and has already provided support to a number of websites, the latest of which was Let's see what this new, free tool can do.

Called , this free tool promises fast, informative previews of Internet links. With the same concept as the Snap and iReader, the aim is to increase the efficiency of internet browsing. By providing a preview of the the link, you can choose to continue clicking the link or not according to the preview that you see.

The initial release of the tool was intended as add-on for Firefox users. Releasing a version for IE7 is already on the works. While the development of Interclue add-ons for Safari and Opera is already underway. Obviously, Interclue is still in beta and we might see a lot of improvements on the web tool in the next couple of months. So far, the add-on is good and easy to control, especially when you can actually turn off Interclue whenever you want to. Also, by default you need to be over the over the link or click an icon on the right part of the link to see the content preview. This is great in browsing web pages because instead of the preview automatically popping up whenever you pass a link, you need to stay on the link for a while to actually view the Interclue preview. You won't get annoyed this way.

The add-on tool is very promising especially with a very browser friendly user interface. The company is also planning on creating a subscriber-based feature of the tool. Users will be asked to pay a small fee in exchange for a version of the tool that has more options and features than the free one. Although, at this point, I find the free version sufficient to my needs. Well, let's see what the future holds for Interclue.