Skrbl: online, browser based white board.

May 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

White boards evolved from blackboards which are really mostly green but anyway the point is that the white board is more often than not present in schools and offices for the simple reason that it is probably the best tool to instantly share ideas and document them at the same time.

Online versions of white boards have surfaced in the past and the starting from simple text based versions to the latest Ajax based click-drag-and-draw anywhere types. Skrbl is the latest addition to the lot. Like white boards, it's really white on the monitor and but unlike the regular one, Skrbl allows users to type in and draw things and upload photos on the white board. More importantly, Skrbl boards can be shared across the planet via a simple URL. Of course this makes it a very useful collaborative tool for students, businesses and corporations and for that reason, there is the option to select who can see a Skrbl board, who can't and who can edit.

Skrbl is completely browser based and there are no skills needed to start using it. The mouse does everything. A great thing about scribble is that it draws its images in vector graphics and that any Skrbl board can be saved in HTML as easy as any file.

For more fun purposes, Skrbl has a community that congregates in their Graffiti wall where anyone from anywhere can scribble anything. The most amazing thing about this wall is that it happens all in real time so you can see what others are doing right there and then.

Accounts can be made in Skrbl but using most of its features do not require one. All in all, scribble is another amazing innovation that reinforces the fact that information and collaboration anywhere and anytime is on our fingertips.