SnapPages, online storage plus calendar and social network

May 29th, 2007 at 12:00 am

In the past there have been sites that host images and photos and other sites that have excellent calendar features. Those two features apart are two niche markets that many start ups choose one from and develop separately. Now, for the first time, out of no where, SnapPages fuses image host and calendar plus social network together creating a totally different web service never seen before.

SnapPages is a place where users can upload, store, organize, share and download JPEG images. Like many online storage sites, SnapPages features folders, drag and drop UI, tags, and adjustable thumbnail views of files in storage. Unlike any other online storage sites though, SnapPages also has its own calendar function. The calendar mode allows users to organize events and tasks in their daily lives in a UI that matches the best organiztion web tools out on the market. Of course like all other calendar services, SnapPages also allows its users to share events, tasks and entire calendars with friends.

Lastly, SnapPages caps off its uniqueness with a social network. Again out of the blue, the last of SnapPages's three features is one of the most powerful on the web. Like any other social network, users can create their profiles, share it and of course view others and make new friends.

All in all, SnapPages is a simple fusion of the usual web services we have seen in the past. This fusion, however, makes SnapPages one of a kind where competition is not too steep. A great place to be for both users and makers.