Spellify, online spell checker

May 29th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Spellify logo It has always amazed me that the most simple concepts are those that make life on the internet easier. I go out on the web and see many web services that offer tools such as an entire online operating system. Personally, I think that these kinds of services are totally cool and those who made it are programmers in god mode but on the other hand, what am I going to do with such a service that will redefine my whole computer and internet experience? Do I need it? The answer more often than not is no. That's why the simpler the feature gets the more it interests me.

Spellify is no social network that crawls bank accounts or billing statements. It is simply a spell checker. Spelling was a real big deal when I went to school but today, I have noticed that with the spell checking tool of the word processor, many people rely on that and completely forget how to spell stuff. This is apparent when they fill up text fields on the internet and misspell even the simplest words. Well, some might be typographical errors but still, wrong spelling is still wrong and back in school you get no points for that.

The beauty of Spellify is in its simplicity, powered by the Google spell checker, Spellify is easy to use, simply enter the word you are in doubt of in the text field and it will automatically suggest words in their correct spelling.

Aside from the single spell checker, Spellify is also capable of spell checking multiple paragraphs, the word limit to which is not specified. All in all, Spellify is a simple tool that has a tangible effect.