Street View from Google Maps

June 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

It's really hard to get angry at big corporations for choking the life out of the smaller competitors when they offer great innovations. Google Maps has just included a new feature to their already mashed filled web service. The new Street View feature allows the user of Google Maps to view snapshots of the actual places in the map. The number of available snapshots are increasing everyday and soon enough, we could get to see a different view of the place aside from the usual landscape or top view.

The addition of Street View, although not truly a Google Maps initiative since someone has done it before, is a great way of showing users navigating the maps a view of the actual place. This allows them to view what to expect from the place while still sitting on their chairs at home. It's a good addition and is indeed the next probably step for Google Maps to take. With Street View, you can take a virtual tour of selected places, you can pan, rotate and zoom the images and find shops, restaurants, parks, hotels and other landmarks faster.

The Street View is great, but what's with man in the orange suit?!