PageBull, grabbing visual search by the horns

June 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

With the obvious success of Google in internet search, everybody else is trying to get ahead and get declared as the next innovative, successful search engine in the World Wide Web. And you got to love what some “friendly” competition can do. There are search engines that uses visual maps like, some claim to be true image search engines like, others use search algorithms to conduct localized search like, and still others are dedicated social network search engines a perfect example of which is

Now enters another player in the field. is simply another search engine which uses images as search results. The site displays the actual screenshots of the websites included in its search results. The search engine is visual in a sense that it shows screenshots of the homepage of websites. It does not visually map the websites to come up with an organized index of image search results. It's like a normal text search engine but instead of displaying texts from various websites, it displays an image shot of their homepage.

It does have some practical uses. By using PageBull, you can see immediately what the sites look like. This way, you can have a general idea if the site is of any good to you and if yes you can instantly decide to enter the site, but if not, you have the power to continue to the next search result down the line.

A couple of things that you need to know with PageBull. Before you use the search engine, you have to activate your Javascript in order for your browser to use PageBull. Also, be aware that not all web results will be displayed at the same time. Some will homepage screenshots will load slowly.

I'm a little pessimistic, though and feel that the search engine will not be able to compete head to head with the rest of the self -proclaimed Google alternative search engines out there. To me it offers not too many features. But, like I've said, it can be very useful at times.