Web-Chops, annotating contents

June 15th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Web-Chops.com offers a web application that allows users to save part of a particular website. Unlike social bookmarking which annotates the whole website, Web-Chops lets users choose a particular text, an image, a clip or a video and save it in a single page arranged in a sequence that he wants.

You create customized pages which contains only the needed information. This is a great way of organizing and sharing contents. Web-Chops can be used to collect videos; create a product profile by collating various information and laying it out on a single page; can be useful for students who are conducting research on the Internet; and share interesting web contents that you have found on the web.

To use Web-Chops, you need to download and install an web browser extension. So far it only works with Internet Explorer. The FireFox version has yet be released. The browser extension adds Web-Chops button to your browser toolbar. This button allows the user to select content he wants to save or annotate. You can then create your own personal topic page, edit the positions of the annotated contents you have so far in a sequence that makes sense to you. You can arrange in chronologically, according to subject, clip type, etc. The web application automatically chooses which sections will be included in a clip. You can't choose a single sentence in a paragraph, for example, to annotate. Web-Chops group information into clusters. You can't edit or select information inside the cluster.

Web-Chops is similar to Clipmarks.com. You can try both and see which one you like best. My personal choice is Web-Chops, although, I would pretty much like to have a FireFox version released soon.