Coming soon myAOL, customizable ajax aggregator

June 19th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Watch Frank Gruber's sneak peek of the new myAOL

Thanks very much to Frank Gruber's blog Somewhatfrank .

I use AOL everyday and I'm not so sure how I missed this or it just might be really new. Well, given that Frank is a product manager at AOL this is probably the inside scoop.

The video demonstrates some of the features of myAOL and all I can say is that it's AOL's answer to NetVibes and the slowly-gaining -popularity iGoogle. Basically it's a customizable browser-based internet portal that's tailored to the users' individual needs.

Like many similar sites, Zcubes , Desktoptwo and I google, myAOL strives to let its users do anything. Thanks to Ajax technology a lot is now readily and easily available like drag and drop.

myAOL was designed like its competitors as a tool to make the internet experience better. With rich features that users are already used to like Digg ratings, myAOL also sports a StumbleUpon-like tool that allows users to discover new and interesting places on the web.

However, according to Gruber's blog, this new version of myAOL is still classified as "coming soon" and the old one is still up. Boy, I hope I don't miss the launch.